Open Property on Pallate Object Double Click

I have used this function in typescript

var eventBus = this.modeler.get(‘eventBus’);
var events = [
var htmlFormSchema=[];
events.forEach((event) =>{
eventBus.on(event, (e)=> {

Able to get Pallate Object name and id ,i have following question on that

  1. how to get All Property Associated with Object example if i want property of userTask,so assinedTO

  2. how to bind Property to xml ,lets say i have created form over the Pallate Object double click ,and user fill the property form ,how should we update the xml

  1. All the business logic is stored in the businessObject property of a shape/connection.
  2. This is more complicated. What is your use case? What kind of forms are these?

Hi @philippfromme .
Thank you for your response, as per your answer your are correct in backend camunda desktop and cockpit, but we are using in the Bpmnjs embedded with the angular5 component in frontend side “” , in our case we need to generate the dynamic form like “” form , so while clicking in the workflow task or any other properties in the moduler object it should show the Properties of the object, As per our knowledge in eclipse is providing the all the properties fields while clicking in the Object.So could you tell me how can we do this in the frond-end side, how we can get all the properties of the Object.

By the way, the forum would be the right place for questions that are not related to the Camunda Modeler.

There’s an example project showcasing the use of events. You can access all the information of an element through its businessObject property as I already said.