Operate base path

In operate config there is parameter:

server.servlet.context-path: /

It is working ok with default / path. But when I try something like /operate or /zeebe/operate it cannot work except login page. Js client send 403 and Session Expired every time i click running Processes. It is version Operate:1.0.0. Operate Tasklist:1.0.0 works with this option Ok.
I use docker images to test it.

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We had this issue with Simple Monitor: Possible issue with spring context path · Issue #219 · camunda-community-hub/zeebe-simple-monitor · GitHub

I had a plan, to use it with nginx, setting redirect to different docker images from different basepath. So I could use one web point with standart https, instead using zeebe:port1 zeebe:port2 etc. It is working right now this way, and I looking for method to unite it.

Actually the problem is in react frontend. It calls mypath/api/ and fails. But works with /api/…

Hello @MaximMonin ,

Could you please delete the associated cookies for Operate?

Best regards

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Оh thanks.
Clearing cache did nothing, but after clearing cookies everything works good.