Operate Performance

We’re using a Zeebe cluster together with Operate (setup here) and see a huge backlog when doing load tests. Details are here

Hi Friedrich.
Thanks for reaching out and providing that detailed information! I can confirm, that we also see the Operate importer not catching up with the Zeebe core engine performance. We are planning to look into this more this quarter and are currently setting up a joined understanding of performance goals across all components (especially Zeebe, Operate, Optimize). I think we will need to improve the design of the Operate importer to catch up with the load Zeebe can process.

If you have specific goals your need to reach and a concrete timeline, we would be happy to learn about it!


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Hi @berndruecker

Good to hear that you’ll tackle this soon. Actually we want Optimize to keep in sync (minimal delay) with Zeebe at all times.

Thanks, Friedrich