Optimize analysing multiple camunda instances


My team are currently looking at using Camunda Optimize and I have been playing around with the trial version to get a feel for what it can and can’t do. One thing I felt that would be useful, especially for an environment were there are multiple camunda instances deployed, is the ability to have optimize act as an aggregate reporting engine for multiple camunda instances. As far as I can see, this is not possible and the config only allows one camunda instance to be uses as a data source.

Is this something than is in the development pipleline or can it already be done.

My thinking is to deploy optimize to PCF (or any other cloud provider) and link it up to various camunda engines to show various clients the potential of using Camunda Optimize in a demo, showing them how it works, using the data they have accumulated with their existing deployments. This would be easier than doing a deployment per instance.

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Anything in particular documented here that doesn’t fit your scenario(s)?

Thanks for the quick reply. Your timing was good as I was just reading the very documentation you sent a link to.

I wasn’t aware that 3.0 added that functionality until about 15 minutes ago :slight_smile:

I’d say this pretty much ticks all the boxes and the docs are clear enough on how authentication would work.

Thanks again for coming back with that info though!


Hi @stephenm

happy to answer any follow-up question you have regarding your setup and the planned demo.
Generally, I think it’s a great idea to connect Optimize to multiple existing engines to demonstrate its capabilities to the different teams in your organization. It’s always good to see real data for such demos.

Also always happy to get feedback about the functionality we provide with Optimize :slight_smile:


Hello Felix,

Thanks. We already have a demo scheduled with the Camunda team. I just wanted to have a go at getting it up and running and demonstrate to the business ahead of that so more questions can be asked.

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