OR condition of camunda

I need to sent verifier to customer with multiple form varibales so, i used these conditionsin (redirected to customer)

   1.   ${ redirect=="posturad" } || ${ redirect=="postadedited" }

   2.  ${ redirect=="posturad"   || redirect=="postadedited" } 

its not works for me, Suggest me how to put or condition with multiple form variblaes.

This should work:

${redirect=="posturad" || redirect=="postadedited"}

Guessing that you may have an issue with the process variable assignment.

You can insert a simple java utility method to verify the value:

NOTE: This example uses CDI. You can also use the built-in extended “java class” feature - JavaDelegate with execute method

public void printMyProcessVariable(execution) {

LOGGER.info("my variable: " + execution.getVariable("myVariableName").toString());


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