Outsource url in the http-connector


I have some service task used to call external REST API.
How i can dynamicly set the URL in the http-connctor (Connectors inputs) ?

My goal:

  • Don’t have any base url (host, port, …) in the Modeler
  • Don’t retrieve this values from process’s variables

Thanks !

Could you use secrets? See: REST connector | Camunda Platform 8

We use the Camunda Platfrom 7. We don’t have any secret but only some custom api keys (http header).

Any example with the v7 ?

Thanks !

Solution (with custom java delegate) : GitHub - camunda-community-hub/Make-Rest-Calls-From-Camunda-7-Example: This is an example application which demonstrates the main ways in which a rest call can ben made by from a Camunda BPMN process.