Passing all variable to call activity


I have a workflow started by rest API in which I create a variable “manualIp” :

This process is quite simple with a bit of variable analysis then start another workflow with a call activity in which the variable mapping looks like this:

I’d like to understand why in the called sub process I can’t find any variable named “manualIp” :

Does anybody have a clue on how to debug/understand this ?

Hi Eric,

Could you try to reproduce the issue with simpler example?
So you can share it with us

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In fact sorry to have bothered you with that. I found the bug in one of the first box of the called sub process. Based on many many checks it could happen that we do a :


It was a quite rare condition and expressing the problem here already helped me to find what happened. So thanks to anybody who took the time to read this and sorry again.



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Hi Eric,

Nice that you found the problem.

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