POST call not fetching all service tasks in response from REST API


I am having troubling retrieving all 10 service task from the POST call that I am doing to fetch and lock. When I make the call only the first task is being retrieved and not the remaining 9.

Here is the sample model that I am working around with:

Here is the C# code that I am using.

Here the “fetchandLockrequest” object contains all 10 topic names.

The response contains only 1 task that’s the first task f1Name.
Response has only item and I am expecting all 10.

What could be the issue here?
Please suggest

Hi @vikascpatil,

in your process, the first task needs to be completed before you can fetch the second task.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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Thanks for the response @Ingo_Richtsmeier.

So when we say “complete”, should we do a POST call and mark it complete?
eg: Is ‘f1Name’ task said to be complete when we make POST/external-task/{externalTaskID}/complete?


The method associated with the Task through externaltaskattribute should complete it’s execution?

Hi @vikascpatil,

the general concept of external service tasks is described here: External Tasks |,

The chapter about completing tasks is here: External Tasks |

To do it in C#, the REST endpoints are documented here: External Task |

You can invent your own client or use an existing external task worker as a framework and include your business logic in the task like here:

Hope this helps, Ingo

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