POST data to particular user task

I have bpmn model in which i am doing some job. initally, i am starting the camunda process and just in 1st step i am getting the name of user task based on some conditon after that i need to hit next user task to post my application data from my external web application using Rest Api and send the data for further process.
I need to know How I can hit particular user task from REST call and post some data

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You can check
or particular

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how do i send my data from one user task to next user task?

Via variables, more info can be found here and more specifically the input/output variable mapping.

I have an process which have some form screen and each screen is associated with steps and application is selecting steps based on camunda workflow, after completing this steps part the all filled form details of navigated steps form I should get in next user task of camunda without doing any changes in backend code on click of submit.