PostgreSQL Connector


I’m having trouble with the postgresql connector. I changed the connector-secrets.txt file, ran docker-compose with the --build option, entered all the data in the template, but no sign of life. What could be happening? Thank you!

After building the package …

mvn clean package

… I changed the docker-compose.yaml file and added the line in the connectors section:

- “/home/xyz/src/camunda-connectors/connector-postgresql/target/connector-postgresql-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar:/opt/app/connector-postgresql-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar”

When initializing the image container camunda/connectors-bundle:8.4.3, it is possible to find in the log:

2024-02-12T17:46:07.034Z INFO 1 — [main] i.c.z.s.c.jobhandling.JobWorkerManager : . Starting Zeebe worker: ZeebeWorkerValue{type=‘com.infosys.camundaconnectors.db:postgresql:1’, name=‘PostgreSQL’, timeout=null, maxJobsActive=null, requestTimeout=null, pollInterval=null, autoComplete=true, fetchVariables=[databaseConnection, operation, data], enabled=null, methodInfo=null}

However, when executing the deployed BPMN, nothing happens, not even an error message. Any advice?

Hi @Cristiano_Jesus, welcome to the forums! Are you using this Postgres Connector from Infosys? If so, it looks like it may not be compatible with >=8.3.x. It may be a good idea to open a new GitHub issue or comment on the existing one.


Thanks a lot!