Postman Error ProcessEngineException

HI. Im trying to upload a .dmn file from Camunda to Postman but I get an error message.

“type”: “ProcessEngineException”,

"message": "ENGINE - 22004 Unable to transform DMN resource 'tabla_period_days.dmn"

@maria.diaz can you upload your dmn here?

tabla_payroll_days.dmn (2.8 KB)

@maria.diaz, I was able to deploy the dmn from postman and also from camunda modeler too.

Thank you for your answer. Do you know If maybe I am missing something about settings in Camunda or Postman that doesnt allow me to deploy that dmn file?

@maria.diaz, need more information on the error stacktrace from the camunda server logs. Please provide below details.

  • error stacktrace from the camunda server logs
  • response when deploying from postman
  • rest endpoint used for deployment
  • pom.xml
  • processengine config


  • reproducible, minimal project in github or googledrive/onedrive and share the link.

Refer this example: