Problem / Bug in DB Creation?

I have an issue when using Camunda and auto schema update with two users but different default schemas on the same postgresql database.
Pretty much the same as described here:

I think the reason is, that DbSqlSession::isTablePresent is not strict enough and will find the tables of user1.

1st application starts with user1 and creates camunda tables in schema1
2nd application starts with user2, DbSqlSession::isTablePresent finds table of user1 in schema1 even though the default schema for user2 is schema2. Then later a call to schema2.act_ge_property fails.

The linked solution in the stack overflow topic uses two separate postgres - instances which is not an option for us.

=> is there an easy solution / workaround for this, or is this a bug in Camunda?

I updated and documented it better.

The issue you observed can be avoided by setting the target schema explicitly.



When it is not set Camunda relies on the default schema returned for the user in the database meta information.

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