Problem connecting to Cockpit from a remote computer

What is the difference between the base URIs?


I saw that the second URI is used by the webapps - Cockpit, Tasklist, etc.

I am trying to connect to Camunda server (Camunda Run 7.15) installed on remote computer. On the remote computer I copied the configuration from the production.yaml file (without the SSL/ports section).

  • Camunda cockpit is working ok when I run it on localhost on the remote computer.
  • From my own computer I can invoke the Camunda REST API on the remote computer
  • However when I try to use Camunda cockpit from my own computer (connecting to the remote computer), I am blocked with message - " Login Failed : Wrong credentials, locked user or missing access rights to application" (403)

Do you have any idea which setting from the production.yml file could block the access to the Cockpit app when used from another computer (although the REST API works ok)?

EDIT: Found it - true

Thanks in advance

Hi @jaxx
To answer this question:

The endpoint /engine-rest/ points to the rest api intended to be used by externeral sources. Workers, UI ,etc.

The endpoint /camunda/api/engine/engine/default/ is specifically intended to be used just by camunda’s own webapps to communicate to the engine locally. You shouldn’t need to do anything with this.