Process definition version customization

Hi some can explain that, If my tomcat server restarted some process application version automatically updated.but few of them not updated.

But I need control to version like even I modified or not if I wish to update version it has to update. Some time I will modify my process BPMN but I don’t want update version.

How can I achieve this.

Hi Dineshkumar,

You must turn on the auto deployment resource, if you want to deploy process manually, you can create a REST api to deploy processes manually.

Hi @Dineshkumar,

Controlling the version is difficult, as you will bring your process definition into production. I’ve seen systems with version 168 in developer test and smaller number in integration test and system test. The production process may keep the version 1, because it’s well tested and correct.

Have a look at the version tag: Here you have full control of the version.

Another option may be the isDeployChangedOnly flag in the process archive configuration:

Hope this helps,


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