Process Engine plugin - Rabbit Messages to Camunda Message Events

I am very new to Camunda platform and I need to create integration between our company solution built on RabbitMQ and Camunda.

I would like to create something like plugin (not sure if I am on the right way with Process Engine Plugins) to translate incoming Rabbit Messages into Camunda Message Events and correlate them to specific ReceiveTask (or some Catch Message intermediate Events) based on content of RabbitMessages. This should work across different processes (process applications) not for one process only and we need it in shared process engine - currently we are using Camunda on Tomcat in Docker container (copying war to container webapps).

Our simple use case is:

  1. send correlationId (= process instance id, business key if needed…) inside Rabbit Message using ServiceTask and JavaDelegate to our micro-service
  2. our micro-service sends response inside RabbitMessage
  3. “plugin” consumer would translate this RabbitMessage into Camunda Message Event and correlate it to appropriate ReceiveTask/Catch message using correlationId

This correlation must work for different processes.

I would like to create it using Spring or better in SpringBoot. Could you please point me to some direction, ideally give me some links to github example? I am little bit confused from the examples I have found.

Thanks a lot

It might be an idea to take a look at the Camunda + Apache Camel integration. It can be used to correlate messages back and forth from Camunda to Rabbit