Process Instance Creation will be done by which User?

I want to Create a process Instance through Java API. I use the Below Code:

ProcessInstance processInstance = processEngine.getRuntimeService()

So if i create the Process Instance by using the above Line the instance is created. But is it not possible that we create a Instance with an user, So that we can easily filter the Process Instance created by a corresponding User. Is there some other possible approach

Jayapragadeesh J

Hi @Jayapragadeesh,

you just have to add


before the process instance start.

See the JavaDoc for further details:

Hope this helps, Ingo

Where can we retrieve the information about what user created the process? ProcessInstance does not seem to hold it. Where is the information used?

Hi @fml2,

you can access the ID through the history API, e.g.:

Hope this helps, Ingo