Process instance id has disappeared

We have a process instance that is stuck at a user task but is not giving the user the option to move on in the workflow because there is no current process instance id. Does anyone know a way to “revitalize” this instance so that the user can perform their check off and move the instance to the next step in the flow?

Hello @sweisser ,

why would a process instance disappear? Has it been deleted? If yes, also the task should disappear inside the engine. Or does the task live inside a custom implementation?

Could you please provide some more details about the problem you are currently facing?


Hi @sweisser,

if the process instance got deleted accidentially, you can restart it with a Rest API Call: Process Instance Restart |

Hope this helps, Ingo


I have joined this project recently so I was not around when the id disappeared. The case which is represented in our database and in camunda by a case number has a multi instance process requiring various user tasks to be signed off. All of these tasks were completed but the case failed to move to the next task (a service task) and when I try to pull it up in the cockpit by case number (business key) no process instance is found. It is stuck and cannot progress to the end event. Due to the requirements of the business I am being asked to restart the instance at the point before the next service task. I am not quite sure I know what you mean by a custom implementations in your question. Please let me know if there is any additional information that would be helpful. I am pretty new to camunda

Thank you. I will look at this. It may be what I am looking for. Much appreciated