Process instance list - active query param


I find the active query param in process instance get-query odd.

As docs says:

Only include active process instances. Value may only be true , as false is the default behavior

But since non history processes contains no inactive flows by definition then what’s the purpose of this?


If you are not setting active=true flag, it will return the process instances which has states like,

active Restrict to instances that are active
suspended Restrict to instances that are suspended
completed Restrict to instances that are completed
externallyTerminated Restrict to instances that are externally terminated
internallyTerminated Restrict to instances that are internally terminated

If you want to get a process instance which has specific state, then you can filter with above attributes and set flag=true.

You can filter by more than one attribute also. For example, active=true & completed=true will return process instances which are active and completed

Hi @Asaf_Shakarzy,

the history contains process instances that just have started and wait to be completed. They are active.

Hope this helps, Ingo

alright, thanks!

Hi @aravindhrs,
I was trying to look for an api, which can show me all (ACTIVE, INACTIVE) process instances for a given process definition key .I don’t think Camunda UI shows instances that are completed/terminated.
I probably can get the same information by querying ACT_HI_PROCINST table for the process definition key.

I am using the following Get API (with and without active flag) but it only shows active instances.


Am I missing something?


Is the “active” field in the query parameters of " GET /process-instance" deprecated? I’m asking because regardless of how it is set, it always returns the same set of results.