Process not reflecting in TOMCAT


I have created a sample project in eclipse and deployed the same in tomcat installation but i am unable to see the same in cockpit.Also i dont see any errors on the logs. Can anybody please help.

Can you upload your model(s)?

Please suggest

TestRun.bpmn (2.9 KB)
processes.xml (486 Bytes)
pom.xml (3.6 KB)

I was able to deploy the model without any problems via the REST API.
How exactly are you trying to deploy the process?

I have build the war file using Maven and then i am copying the war file in this server location
E:\D Drive Backup\BPO\Camunda\Camunda Training\camunda-bpm-ee-tomcat-7.8.6-ee\server\apache-tomcat-8.0.47\webapps

post that i am refreshing the Cockpit in order to see the process

Can you upload the WAR file you’re trying to deploy?

How should i attach the war file here. The portal doesnt allow me to attach war or zip here.pls suggest

Uploading the project to github would be a good idea

HandleError-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.war.xml (3.9 KB)

Can you try accessing this file please. I have just added a extension.xml to this war file.Hope it doesnt get corrupted while removing.xml extension .Kindly suggest

Can you please access this link and download the war file

Two questions:
Did you build this project with the maven archetypes?
If so - did you remove/change anything that was created by the archetypes?

I have taken the following route to create the project in Eclipse

New Maven Project–Craete a simple project skip archetype selection option.

I have build this project using the following option

Select Project-Right Click- Run as Maven Build

I have not removed or change anything.

Did you follow these instructions?

yes i have followed these instructions,yet unable to understand where i have going wrong

Did you add the Process Application Class as detailed here ?
I didn’t see it in your WAR file.

Hi Niall,

Thank you very much for having a look and pointing out this silly mistake.One more query i had that why am i unable to select the Camunda archetypes directly in eclipse. I have tried accessing it from the open internet network earlier thought that the corporate network is blocking the archetype downloads,but in vain. Can you please provide me any tips here.Thanks a ton!!

There are some other treads discussing this issue - it’s usually down to maven settings or your network settings.

Sure Thanks,will look into those threads