Process stuck at a service task - what to do?


I have a process with a service task that calls and email service and it seems to be stuck there.
I am a bit surprised since I did not expect this to happen.
Why would a process instance be stuck running a service task (automated).
I imagine it should either execute it or throw an error and generate an incident.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


There are 3 camunda 7.11 comunity edition using a shared database. Two instances run separate apps and the third one deploys the stock camunda web apps.


can you upload the process?

Hi Niall,

Thanks for the quick reply. Here is the process.
By the way, is there any way to enable task execution logging out of the box.
I am curious to see if the task is retried or not, without using“xxxx”) in my java code.
Basically I am asking if there is a default logger “execution listener” . This is more of an operations request since I can’t always rely on devs to add logging to all service tasks.

create-user-invitation.bpmn (7.7 KB)

Your task is implemented as an External which is why it’s waiting to be completed. External tasks are async. I suspect you intended to use Expression

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Thanks, I just saw that. I will have to punish my fellow devs with a long speech about what external tasks are and how they should be used.

Anyway, we do core review but since BPMN is written in XML it is not a solution for this.
The only good solution to detect these kind of issues IMO is to use unit testing and check if the (mocked) method was executed.

Any other suggestions on how to detect this?

Unit testing is the best bet specifically using the bpm-asserts lib
You could also look into using the Modeler linting plugin

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Thanks, I will look into that.
It would be nice to have modeler distribution with all the plugins installed. It should make it easy for a team of people to use the same tools and versions.

On Linux this should be easily achieved with Flatpak / Snap packages. They make it very easy to distribute updates to apps to clients.

That would be a good discussion for the modeler team, you can find their forum here.

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