Process using Rest


I have BPM process in one application war, I would like to Call other BPM Process in another war using REST, Both are running on the same camunda engine.

Looking for a similar example on the above.


If they’re deployed on the same engine it might be easier to call the second process using a Call Activity.

Of you could use the JavaAPI within a java delegate of a service task if you like…

Calling them via REST is still possible but I’m wondering why you want to do that specifically?

thanks Nial,

I have one working flow in one application war, and has to communicate the process on other application war(Based on one condition). Both the wars are deployed on Camunda engine

I was looking if I can use http-connector call from one process to other process on the other appliation.war

Do you have any example, please assist


Well, you don’t need to - even though they’re deployed in different process applications, the engine in still aware of both of them - so it’s much easier to start it with a call activity.

Although if you’re dead set on using REST you can use a connector to call POST /process-definition/key/{key}/start


I am trying to pass the payload to REST payload how can pass this in this below tags

<camunda:inputParameter name=“payload”>

    <camunda:outputParameter name="result">