Processes stucks in random task


During development we meet such a situation:
Some flows hang in random service tasks and it can take from 20 minutes to one hour to move from this state to the next service task.
We use Zeebe version 0.23.1 (cluster with 3 nodes)
spring-zeebe-starter version 0.23.0 also in our application we use spring-boot 2.2.4 and java 11
In log we see no errors and only the following warning:
2020-08-27 10:29:00.735 [Broker-0-SnapshotDirector-1] [Broker-0-zb-fs-workers-1] WARN io.zeebe.logstreams.snapshot - Failed to obtain a pending snapshot directory for position 8592603744

We have tried to found the solution and saw the recommendation to switch Zeebe version to 0.24.2 but for this version spring-starter is unavailable so this is not the best way for us.
Maybe someone has met with such a situation and has a solution?
Thanks for every help.

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Hi @Denis, thanks for using Zeebe, and welcome to the community!

It may be related to this issue:

One way to isolate it would be to write mock workers using another client, such as the Node client, and see if the workflow still exhibits the issue.


Spring Zeebe 0.24.x is already out, you might want to try that one.