Production Configuration Setup


We have been working with Camunda Community Version with SpringBoot Integration since quite a while, we developed few of the Big Processes and I must say we all are very happy with the way Camunda handled it, which is pretty well and as per our need.

Now, we all are in a stage for production deployment. But we are confused about the performance of Job Executer in production. We saw that we can set some max-pool-size for the jobs and thread so we were wondering what should be the optimum pool size for a high end deployment server.

Our need is around 100 threads atleast.

So if we will set max-pool-size to 120-150 then Camunda would be able to process it or not. Basically we need to know what are the prospects for setting up max-pool-size or related configuration.

Also, we are wondering what other prospects and configuration we should keep in mind for production.

So, if you could please share some of insight that would be a great help.

This is difficult to say because there are so many factors that influence performance and playing around with the job executor settings could actually make your engine less efficient in some cases.

The one piece of advice i can give is to leave the default settings alone - for most setups it’s not required to change it.

Then write some performance tests to find out if there are any performance issues and where exactly the issues are. At this point and only at this point should you consider changing the default behavior and only after reading and understanding what each setting of the job executor does.

Thanks Niall for sharing your valuable inputs ! I think we should test the performance first and then we could see for ourselves if there is any need to tweak some of the configurations.

As suggested, we would try to avoid any major changes in config.

The link is really helpful! Appreciate it.