Query about Process Instance Restart

Hi Team,

I have one query about restarting a process instance.

I have a workflow that contains about 5 Service tasks, each performing specified operations (mostly consume rest api’s) and there will be scenarios where those calls could fail. In such cases, i am using the Error Catch event and the workflow reached the end event.

Now my query is, if any one of the 5 service tasks fails,

Can i restart the process instance from the point where it failed ?
I had a look at the Camunda Service API’s like Runtime Service API, that exposes a functionality to restart a process instance, but it looks like it will create a new process instance rather than using the exisitng one, and it looks like we also need to provide the activity id, like start before or start after etc… Can’t camunda decide where to start the workflow from ? like if a task receives a BPM error and has reached the end state. Is it possible to restart the workflow from the same state again?


Have you considered the retry time cycle configuration?


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Hi Yana,

I saw this, but i want to restart the workflow at my will. It shouldn’t be pre-configured at defined intervals, but something like an service api (run-time service etc) that i can consume to restart the workflow.

Is this possible?