Query process and task getting back variable values

I would like to enquire the engine (from REST API) getting back a list of processes filtered by a variable value and returning not just the process fields but also some internal parameter values . For example i would like to get all the order requests performed from a specific location but i need the order value in each row of the response. I saw there is a Filter API allowing filtering process by variable values but those doesn’t return other internal filed values together with with process fields.
Is there another way for doing it ?
Thank you in advance

What “internal parameter values” are you looking for to come back with the call? The process-instance API will allow you to filter by process variable value and will return all of the fields that are a part of the process-instance API.

I was referring on variable values together with process instance fields.

Ok. If you need instance data and variable data, you’ll need to query their respective API’s. Once you have a list of process instance ids you’re interested in, you can get all the variables in one call.

That should satisfy my requirement. It means we need to invoke two APIs for collecting all the info for showing a list of process or task with extended variable data. It should be Ok i guess.
Thanks for you useful support

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