Question about Automated Update of Camunda MySQL Database

Goal: Automatically update the Camunda database schema when updating version of the Camunda platform (i.e. from 7.4.5-ee to 7.5.0-ee)
Example: A client installs our platform with Camunda 7.5. The existing MySQL database is using Camunda 7.0 schema. The script would retrieve the database schema version (7.0) and run all update scripts to get the client up to Camunda database schema 7.5
Problem: We need to know if there is a way to see what version is currently installed on an existing MySQL database. Is this something that exists in a table and can be accessed via MySQL command? Or is this something we will have to implement ourselves (i.e. store schema version locally)?

Hi John,

currently there is no way to recognize which version of the database schema you are using.
You have to implement this by yourself. One approach could be to insert the database schema version into the