RE: A personal welcome 👋

Thanks Vincent – much appreciated.

Could you please guide me to some resources that explain how to pass data through the BPMN process? I have setup two tasks – one of which is my Business Rule Task (i.e., the DMN).

I’m not sure how to get the data I need to run and test the process, and pass this to the Business Rule Task that is the DMN.

I have been through a lot of the different Academy videos. Is there a specific course and video within that course that I should watch. Alternatively, is there a documentation page that you could point me to?


Hi Jack!
the business task will receive in input the process variables defined in the process.

The name has to match with the one defined in the decision table.
For example if you define a variable “food” in your decision table like this:

then your process will need to define a food process variable, in a task before the business rule task.

Does it make sense?

Have you followed this training:
Camunda DMN ?