React GraphQL Cors

I am new to camunda so there are some questions (maybe bad or wrong) that I would like to ask. First of all, the plan is to interact with the process through a react web application.
So far, I have created an API using spring boot which starts an instance and I am calling it by clicking a button in the front end.
Next I would like to complete a user task through my app, and for this I am using graphql (tasklist api/ apollo client) as shown in the docs. I have implemented the functionality by sending the request through postman but now I am struggling to do the same thing from the front end.

At this point, I am getting a CORS policy error while trying to test the call. So my questions are:

  1. Is my approach so far on the right direction?
  2. Do I need to add an express server to somehow configure the accepted urls?
  3. Maybe this can be done through spring boot just like the process initiation? (through a rest api)

I understand that the question are more or less vague, but any feedback can be very helpful, thank you!

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