Redeploy of the same process definition delete old start event subscriptions

Camunda engine supports the redeploy of the same BPMN with the same process-id (General tab in camunda modeler). The engine will generate a new process definition with the same key but different version (a counter that increments at each deploy).

If the BPMN has a Message Start Event, the created process definition will be subscribed to that message event: a row will be created in ACT_RU_EVENT_SUBSCR for that message start event and configuration=process definition id.

The problem is if i deploy that BPMN multiple times, the subscriptions to the message start event of the old process definitions are deleted.

This could be considered a feature and not a bug because i want to start only the new version of the same process definition.

But there are cases (mine) in which i track all process definitions ids of the same bpmn and i would to start an old process definition by message and i can’t because the subscription is deleted.

Is there some workaround or engine configuration to prevent this?
Can this be considered a bug?

Hi @Valerio_Spadaro,

The removal of older start event subscriptions is indeed expected behavior. That way, the message is automatically always correlated to the latest version of the process. There is no way to configure this behavior.

If you want to start a specific version, you can also start the process by the regular RuntimeService#startProcessInstanceById APIs.