Redirection url contains the contextPath (operate) two times


I deployed camunda platform 8.2.4 on aws using offical helm charts.

I enabled global ingress and configured redirect urls for operate, tasklist etc.

When I try to open operate via https://myhostname/operate it creates following url:


where operate contextPath is two times in the url. This leads to “Invalid parameter: redirect_uri” because in keycloak valid redirect url is defined as “https://myhostname/operate/identity-callback”

I am using this values file
camunda_values.yaml (1.5 KB)

If I change camunda_values.yaml redirectUrl without operate like:

      redirectUrl: "https://myhostname"

it creates correct url but in keycloak “Valid redirect URIs” is than missing operate. like “https://myhostname/identity-callback”

Manually adding https://myhostname/operate/identity-callback to “Valid redirect URIs” solves the problem, but shouldn´t it work also out of the box without manual manipulations?

I see simular things for tasklist and optimize too.

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