Reduce palette plugin


i am quite new to the topic “camunda” and would like to get familiar with the modeler.

My first task is to remove some elements - which are not used here - from the GUI of the modeler.

On my search for an approach I stumbled upon the plugin “Reduce Palette”. During a first test this plugin unfortunately didn’t work (anymore) and I assume that it might be outdated.

Can anyone here confirm that this plugin is outdated in this version or should it actually work?

I would also be thankful for helpful links with up-to-date information and examples on the topic “customizing the modeler”.

If I have seen it correctly so far, then there are the “Element Templates” in addition to the plugins. Anything else?

Thanks a lot!
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plugins and element templates are the two options for customizing the Camunda Modeler.

If you’re interested in plugins start here:

More plugins:

For element templates start here:

@felix-mueller Maybe you can help with regards to the palette plugin?

hi @fitbit
I havent touched the code for a while so it can be that it does not work and is out-of-date (since it’s not an officially supported plugin, but was more an experiment :slight_smile: ).

Do you face a specific error when you try to use the plugin?



many thanks for your answer.

More plugins:

Right there I found this “reduce palette” plugin. As a newbie it is difficult to use it if the examples are outdated and don’t work.


the menu entry appears, but nothing else happens.

I’ll take a closer look. Maybe I will be able to find the error and adapt the example for my purposes.