Register Camunda with Eureka Discovery Server


We are working on an application based on JHipster framework. It uses Eureka Discovery Server, to which all the Micro-services get registered.

We are considering Camunda Clustered Deployment in order to provide fail-over and scale-up capabilities.

Essentially, we want each Process Engine Node in the Camund Cluster, to get registered to Eureka Server that other Micro-Services can query and make a service call to.

The bare minimum requirements to implement Eureka Client, described at 1. Service Discovery: Eureka Clients

  1. The Client needs to register with the server as it boots up
  2. Need at-least 3 end-points after registration:
    a. statusPageUrl: https://${eureka.hostname}/info
    b. healthCheckUrl: https://${eureka.hostname}/health
    c. homePageUrl: https://${eureka.hostname}/

Can you please Guide / Suggest Best Possible Approaches, how can we add more End Points to Camunda to make it Eureka Client?

Is there a way to make a Remote call to Register when a Process Engine Node has started up (can we register and write event handler)?

Is there any reference implementation available?

Thanks in Advance for your suggestions.

Simply run Camunda as a spring boot application with @EnableDiscoveryClient and the Euraka client boot starter dependency.

Is there a project example that demonstrates how to integrate Camunda with Eureka?

you have to enable below annotation in main class of your project.


After that you have to configure eureka registry details in bootstrap.yml or file.