Register JavaFunctionProvider for FEEL via code


is it possible when the Camunda FEEL plugin is used to register a JavaFunctionProvider programmatically during start up of process engine?

Currently I can only register my own function via the Java services files in META-INF, but I want to set some properties on the function during start up.



Hi @Alexander,

using the Camunda plugin, it is currently not so easy to register a JavaFunctionProvider programmatically. The plugin uses the FEEL engine as a script engine.

The easiest way would be to configure the JavaFunctionProvider at runtime (e.g. using environment variables or static setters).

However, if you have an idea, I would be happy to hear.

Best regards,

Hi Philipp,

sadly no, I have no idea. I had a look at the Scala classes that start up the FEEL engine, but they are rather difficult to read (I am not so familiar with Scala). There is also not so much documentation on the implementation.

So currently I have no idea. Your proposed way is currently the only one I had also in mind. I had just the hope there could be a better way.



As long as it is used as a script engine, I don’t know a better way. Sorry :slight_smile: