Report Generating

How can I generate report in camunda?
Is there any built in facilities available for it?
Also name some external tool supported by camunda for this purpose.


Hi Alok,

what kind of report do you mean?
There is the history which is written by camunda

Is this what you looking for?


There are are a couple of different kinds of tools you might need here. One to examine logs, one to query the Camunda database, and one to derive real time data from Camunda and its associated Java container.

For log analysis, look at the ELK Stack.

For general querying, analysis, and data visualization, you might check out something like SpagoBI, though there is a wide variety of choices here.

For real time data collection on Camunda and the Java container, you need something that can read JMX mbeans. The tool I would suggest, at least to poke around, is Java Mission Control (JMC). JMC can be found in most Oracle Java distributions.

The configuration and/or use of any of the above may be a non-trivial effort. You’ll have to read the relevant documentation for details. Configuration of JMC and the requisite JMX URLs strings required will depend upon your environment.