Request file at beginning of process

I would like to request a file upload , and have written an html file and tried to refer to it from the xml file describing the bpmn process. However, instead of opening the html file and showing the form directly, the camunda server gives a link to the html file but throws a nullpointerexception when I try to open the html file.
This is the reference I have in the html file:

<bpmn2:startEvent id="StartEvent_1" camunda:formKey="app:form:startevent.html" camunda:initiator="requestor" name="Request received">

the startevent.html file is in the main/webapps/form/ directory

If you want the form to be embedded, your form key has to have the format embedded:app:<path to the form>, see

If the exception remains, please post the exception stack trace.

Hi @mhurten,

Just want to add a little, I think the directory of your form .html file should be main/webapp/forms according to the link that @thorben gave.

And also if you use camunda-spring-boot-starter, the form key that work for me is embedded:/forms/<your_html_file>. I can’t explain how it works, but it work for me


Thanks @Ashah and @thorben. I have managed to do this. However for some reason, when testing this on the Camunda server, the form won’t accept the a Double for the Amount field. Here is my html listing

  <form role="form" name="form">

Hi @mhurten
I think you spell my name wrong :laughing:

Is there any exception message?

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