Requesting help regarding Camunda Lists returned from projection call


I would like to request some help regarding how to handle a returned list from a projection call. I am currently using IFS Cloud’s Workflow plugin that uses Camunda 8’s BPMN. I know which projection function to call, and what the projection returns, but handling the output, which is a list of items, is not something I know how to do with Camunda’s BPMN workflow, as I am still new to the platform.

I have this workflow that I created, but I am not sure how to set this up properly

I would like the workflow to be set up so that I use my projection call to retrieve a list of items, and based on each item’s variable values, sort through that list and call a projection to print that item.

Any advise or input would be greatly appreciated, as the IFS Community forum seems to be lacking on this subject.


Hi @BDou

Luckily this should be quite straightforward actually.
You just need to use a multi-instance marker and then give it the variable that contains the list of items. I’ll then create and instance of the task or subprocess for each item in the list.

Details on how to do that is here in the docs: Multi-instance | Camunda Platform 8 Docs

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