Responding with errors for Rest API message /correlate request


I’d like to know if it’s possible to somehow configure Camunda responses for external /correlate message Rest API calls.

What I’d like to achieve:

  1. I have a process with a non-interrupting event-based subprocess that receives external messages.
  2. Once a message is received I’d like to run some subsequent external task that implements some business logic and initial validations of input data that was transferred with external message.
  3. In case if the input data is incorrect, I’d like to response to initial http request with some custom response, for example: status code: 500, message: ‘Validation failed, try again’.
    Is it possible to implement such logic in Camunda?

I was looking for documentation regarding this topic but didn’t find any.


Hey, maybe someone have an idea re. this topic?

Hi @Roman_Lumbov,

answering in a synchonous response with an external task validating the payload is difficult as the completion of the task is not guaranteed and internally handeled after a wait state of the engine (see for more details).

Maybe it’s worth to have a look at this example:

Hope this helps, ingo