REST API for DMN Engine

I’m currently evaluating Business Rule Engines for my employer. The DMN Engine looks promising, but I got stuck exploring the capabilities of using the DMN Engine as a stand-alone service via a RESTful Web API. So I decided to post this - maybe somebody can help me.

My question:
Is there a RESTful Web API for DMN Engine, hosted as service in a local environment (on-premises), that allows me to create, list, evaluate and delete decisions without other related services involved?

What I found so far on my own:

  • The Camunda BPM Platform Community Edition 7.4.0 that exposes an API with a Decision-Definition resource allowing listing and evaluation of decisions. I couldn’t figure how to create and delete decisions, though.
  • The demo for the web user interface at, but it seems to offer a download of the DMN definition in the first place. I couldn’t find hints how to integrate this with the Camunda BPM Platform Community Edition’s API.
  • The cloud hosted application at with an API that seems to be a cloud-spefic solution.

Thanks a lot in advance for any help or hints!


When it comes to creating new decision tables you can take a look at the REST docs. [1]
The create deployment method would create a new decision [2]
and the delete deployment would get ride of it. [3]

To create new tables you can download our modeler [4] and the create DMN tables. Saving those tables will give you the XML file you’ll need to the create rest call [2]

Hope that helps.


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Thanks a lot! I will check this tomorrow but I’m positive the deployment’s create and delete methods are the parts I missed.