Rest API for Sorting Instances on basis of Process Variable


Is is possible to sort Process Instances based on a Process Variable using Rest API?
I have a process variable called “submittedDate”. I need to sort the Process Instances based on this field “submittedDate”. Need some help here.
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Shatabdi Dutta

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You can try to use this endpoint Get Tasks (Historic) (POST) |
There is processVariables in request, where you can specify your parameters:

"taskVariables": [
        "name": "submittedDate",
        "value": "any-date",
        "operator": "gt" // *greater than "any-date"*

Valid operator values are: eq - equal to; neq - not equal to; gt - greater than; gteq - greater than or equal to; lt - lower than; lteq - lower than or equal to; like .
For details, please, follow the link