Rest api for tasklist

is there a rest api call to get the task list of particular user assigned and also the task of the group where the user is part of it.

Hi @Asvitha

Welcome to the forum - We have a pretty extensive api for getting user tasks you can check out the docs here:

Hi Niall,
Thank you for your reply.I am part of Asvitha’s team, Yes we did go thru the link.
We need to show users the list of tasks that are assigned to them directly and list of tasks they can work as part of a group. And when one user started working on a task , that particular task should not show to others in the group. Can we achieve this in a single REST api call?

Ex: We have a group - Group1
With members user1 and user2.
There are 5 tasks assigned to Group1.

Time T: user1 logs in and he can see 5 tasks as its assigned to group. He picks task1 and started working.

Time T+1 : user2 logs in.
Here our requirement is to show only 4 tasks. As task1 is with user1.

Tried with below. But for user2 it shows all 5 tasks.

Kindly advise.