Rest Connector not executing as the task becomes active as it creates a job


I’m running a self-manager instance of camunda-platform.

I have a simple workflow, that I want it to trigger a rest call.

I noticed that it creates a job, that I’m supposed to complete in order for it to execute the http call and complete the job.

I’m expecting this service task to execute the call and complete as soon as it becomes active.

Any advice would be appreciated.


test-api.bpmn (4.3 KB)

You’ll need to tell us a lot more about your self-managed install of C8.
Is this a Docker setup, a Kubernetes setup, or something that you’ve created yourself?
Did you install the Connectors instance (another Docker node, Kube Pod)?

I’m deploying camunda-platform to my kubernetes cluster using the official helm chart.

I’ve attached my values file for reference. Please note that I disabled the elasticsearch exporter and using the hazelcast exported instead.

values.yaml (44.6 KB)

From what I remember, the Connectors Runtime isn’t included in the Helm chart, and have to be added as well.
Without the Connectors Runtime, what you are describing is expected behavior (there’s no worker to do the work)

The connectors bundle in the helm chart is including the runtime.

I figured out the issue.

Since the custom connector connector I installed does not support automatic discovery, I turned on manual discovery for it. That means, even for out-of-the-box connectors, the automatic discovery is disabled and you need to list them in env variables manually for their workers to be picked up by camunda’s connectors runtime. Reference:


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