ReST deploy from Modeler?


has it been considered to allow deployment of models from the standalone modeler? It seems that it would be very useful if one would be able to interactively develop models and maybe (I’m dreaming) annotate the model with any error message that the engine may produce during deployment.

Presently, I often start developing my models using the standalone modeler and a Postman window in which I have a prepared request to deploy my model. That is a bit cumbersome, though.

Any hints as to how we could get to a more convenient interactive model development and debugging environment would be appreciated.


Hi Hans

Interestingly enough - something like this has already been created as a proof of concept. You can take a look here:

It basically introduces a “deploy” button to the desktop modeler.

Might be worth a look

Thanks, Niall! I’ll give that one a try!