[RestAPI] - fetch tasks with orQueries on same variable


I am trying to fetch tasks from Camunda via the Rest API /task endpoint whose variable equals some values.

From what I’ve read in the documentation the most suitable parameter is using orQueries on the POST /task requests.
However it doesn’t seem possible to query on the same variable in multiple orQueries clauses?

Can you please guide me is this example possible somehow and what am I missing?
request body:
{ "orQueries": [ { "name": "Approve Invoice" }, { "name": "Prepare\nBank\nTransfer" } ] }

Thanks to Olga’s anwer here I was able to align my query although I don’t clearly understand and wouldn’t expect such construction.
Here is the workable payload:

{ "orQueries": [ { "processVariables": [ { "name": "foo", "operator": "eq", "value": "11633" }, { "name": "foo", "operator": "eq", "value": "11634" } ] } ] }