Restrict access to parent scope


A variable that is defined on a parent scope is accessible in every child scope unless a child scope defines a variable of the same name.
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Question is: Are there any plans about implementation of more fine-grained control of parent scope access?

For example, in my case I want totally isolate scope of User Task, so assignee can’t see or change any variable in scope of Process Instance.

Hi @ArtyomKosykh,

as far as I know we don’t have any tickets related to authorization checks or any other scoping reservation on access to variables. You can always create a ticket with a feature request in our JIRA.


Hi @ArtyomKosykh,

You could set all necessary variables locally on the user task. So that an assignee only see variables set on the on the user task.

Do you use the Camunda Tasklist? What kind of user task form are you using (see 1)?