Retry until success

Is it possible to configure a service task to be executed until success, with an unlimited number of retries?
I know that one can configure retry strategy through Job Configuration -> Retry Time Cycle, but it seems that the number of retries cannot be unlimited. I want to ensure that if the service task failed, it is retried in some time intervals (preferrably with longer intervals after some number of retries) until success, and that this retry mechanism is continued after the application with embedded engine is restarted. How can I achieve this?

I think if you specify a large enough number of iterations you will effectively have what you want. One year has just 31556952 seconds. Set it to 999999999 and you are done. This is not as expressive as an explicit info “no boundary” though.


Yep, was hoping for something without “magic numbers”, but this should work. Thanks!