Run camunda behind proxy/loadbalancer

Im deploying camunda docker image behind a proxy that basically translates all my traffic in a following way:
http://localhost:8080/xxx” becomes “https://myaddr/camunda/xxx”.

So normally I would access the web ui via visiting “http://localhost:8080/camunda/” so now I go to “https://myaddr/camunda/camunda” but it doesnt work. All the resources/redirects expect to be served under root address (e.g. I see that my browser tries to access “https://myaddr/camunda/app/welcome/default/” instead of “https://myaddr/camunda/camunda/app/welcome/default/”.

Question is how should I conffigure it to run properly? I assume it will be somehwere in tomcat configuration but I have very little experience with tomcat.

Also it would be nice to reconfigure it in a way that “https://myaddr/camunda/” would serve “http://localhost:8080/camunda/” but “http://localhost:8080/engine-rest” should be “https://myaddr/camunda/engine-rest”. Is it possible? If not its not a big problem but would be nice.