Running instances shows as 0

I have a weird problem. The bpmns are made in an external applications, and being sent to me. I deploy and start an instance through my program, using camunda’s REST api.
The workflow works fine,and i can see it working and producing results in database.

But when i see in Camunda cockpit, the number of running instances shows as zero, even when the workflow is actually running. I can’t see any progress either.

While on the default “invoice” workflow i always see 6 running instances.
Anyone has any idea why my workflow is not showing as running in cockpit?

Does your process have any wait states? Cockpit can only show process instances in wait states, because any intermediary state is not persisted to the runtime database.

Yes, i have a clock timer
You may check my bpmn here.

test-bpmn-6.bpmn (7.8 KB)

It’s a timer start event, though. This is the trigger to start a new process instance and not active within a process instance. So the above explanation holds.

If you want to see the instances, you could just for the sake of it configure all service tasks as async before.


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