Running Zeebe on Kubernetes

Okay, I am fairly new to all of this, both Zeebe and Kubernetes.
We are getting to know Kubernetes and we have a plan of using that for hosting and orchestration of our new product where we also plan on using Zeebe.
We have had Zeebe running, but only on Docker using the supplied Docker-compose file.

I have created a service and deployment file for each service (elasticsearch, zeebe, kibana, operate).
I can see from the log that operate tries to contact elasticsearch on http://elasticsearch:9200. I have checked that the DNS elasticsearch is present by using nslookup in the cluster.

What is my next step to check? Do I need to configure NodePorts and use those in operate configuration?

I can supply yaml-files if needed.

Hi @michaelbendtsen, here is a Kubernetes config that worked for me: It was written for GCE by a Zeebe user, and I got this to work on Azure by just changing the storage classes to Azure storage provisioner disk types.

What underlying K8s infrastructure are you running it on? Happy to take a look at your config if you want to check it into GitHub.


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