Safe Deletion of corrupt Incidents


we have a number of old incidents in act_ru_incident which don’t have execution_id_, activity_id_, proc_inst_id_, proc_def_id_, tenant_id_, job_def_id_, failed_activity_id_ and annotation_.

We would like to get rid of them as they are still returned by the incident REST endpoint thereby false-reding our metrics dashboard.

However we can’t delete them in the cockpit as they show up nowhere and we also can’t resolve them via DELETE on the REST endpoint as the incidents are of incident_type_ failedJob.

So the question is: What would be the suggested way to get rid of them in a safe way?

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards

Hello @j.henke ,

as this kind of incident should not appear in normal operations, I would also not rely on the engine-native APIs here.

You can use a DB script to delete them directly from the table.

Please create a snapshot of your data first.