Sanity tests on process models on Camunda7

I have a use case where we need to be able to perform some sanity tests (allow the request from limited number of test-users to raise the request based on the V2 process model) on the newly deployed workflow (Eg: version V2)
In the meantime, all the other production users will need still raise the request in V1 process model.
Only after a sanity testing signoff, the production users can raise new requests in V2 process model.

Can this be possible in Camunda7 ?

Hi @Saju_John_Sebastian1,

you can start older versions of the process model with this REST API: POST /process-definition/{id}/start.

You have to query the process definitions to get the generated ID beforehand.

You can start the instance with Java as well: runtimeService.startProcessInstanceById().

Hope this helps, Ingo

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Thanks @Ingo_Richtsmeier

Once deployed the latest version only gets picked for instance creation.
So in that case how can I mask the Version2 deployed workflow from not getting picked without the sanity tests completed by production users?

Hi @Saju_John_Sebastian1,

you have to build your own endpoint to start instances. If the user is on the sanity test, use startProcessInstanceByKey() otherwise start the process with startProcessInstanceById().

You cannot reach it with configuration.

Hope this helps, Ingo